Sponsorship Sourcing

Sourcing sponsors for your event can be quite complicated. Furthermore, sourcing the right types of sponsors and knowing how to reward them is even more difficult. Securing the right sponsors for your event will ultimately determine its success.

We work on behalf of clients to:

  • Source sponsors for their events
  • Compile sponsorship benefit's packages for the sponsors
  • Package their product / event to achieve maximum selling potential
  • Advise on best selling and promotional strategies for the event
  • Use specific communication channels to advertise the event

Download our Sponsorship Sourcing brochure or our Portfolio of services using the Quick menu on the rightfor more information about the price structure and some examples of our work.

We alleviate the burden from you by:

Sourcing sponsors: We will work out with you your exact needs in terms of types of sponsors, value of sponsorship and other relevant details. We will then source:

  • Title sponsors
  • Co-sponsors
  • Media sponsors
  • Local sponsors
  • Other specific types of sponsors as requested by you

Compiling packages for different types of sponsors: We will develop with you the types of benefits given to sponsors. This will be a mixture of:

  • Branding and other promotional rights
  • Media exposure
  • Hospitality and entertainment packages at the event
  • Exposure strategy during the event

We will ensure the sponsor packages are designed in a way to suit your budget as well as adding great value to the sponsors' businesses and their clients, thus ensuring their return the following year.

Advising on pricing and sales strategies: With over 20 years of combined experience in Hospitality and business both in Thailand and abroad, we are able to advise you on the best pricing strategy for your event. Our experience ensures that your event is:

  • Priced adequately compared to other events in the market
  • Sponsorship fees are set according to market rates and other similar events We will also work out with you how to sell the event/product. This will include advice on where to sell the event and when and how to attract the guests

Managing the sponsor/client relationship: We will manage the relationship with the sponsors from start to finish. This includes dealing with all enquiries, logistical matters as well as entertainment packages during the event. This is something that is often neglected by event organizers due to the pressures of coordinating and managing the event at the same time.

Handle all sales material production for the event: We will handle (based on your needs and budget and in line with Sponsors packages) all production of sales material including brochures, banners as well as any other specific requirements as needed for the event.

Promoting the event for you: Through our extensive databases and E-Marketing channels we will promote the event for you guaranteeing its success and its return the following year. Our Marketing and promotional strategies will mean reaching the maximum number of potential attendees at the event.

We charge:

  • A fee to commence our services as detailed above
  • A percentage of sponsorship fees and ticket sales

The upfront fee will vary depending on the size of the event, the number of sponsors required as well as other logistical matters. We charge a percentage of the net value of the sponsorship fee and a percentage of tickets sales to the event but only based on reaching a target number of attendees (number of ticket sales). This is negotiated and agreed with the clients before commencement.

Exact fees and percentages will depend on the size, timing and other factors related to the event. Our fees will either be all of the above or a combination of the above to suit your exact needs and the actual event. Please contact us for more information.

The fees include all services as detailed in the "How do we work?" tab which are:

  • Sourcing sponsors
  • Developing packages for sponsors
  • Advising on pricing and sales strategies
  • Managing the sponsor / client relationship
  • Handle all sales material production for the event
  • Promoting the event for you through our various communication channels